24-hour Positioning in Different Settings for Individuals with Rett Syndrome, with an Emphasis on Communication

A talk by Meir Lotan
Associate Professor, Ariel University

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About this talk

Individuals with Rett syndrome present an array of postural difficulties, suggesting a need for constant (24/7) postural support. To make things more difficult, there are specific and significant differences between individuals. This suggests the need for a personalised assessment leading to a tailored solution for each individual with Rett syndrome, suited to multiple situations. Proper positioning and support are critical for effective communication to occur in any situation.

This presentation will describe the sensory-motor difficulties typical of individuals with Rett syndrome that affect their ability to maintain their postural alignment, and therefore their focus, in different situations. The presentation will outline different solutions for lying, sitting, standing and walking, including appropriate seating when performing individual didactic and communicative activities.

This presentation will be 90 minutes and will be available to watch as a replay until 20th November 2021.

Meir Lotan

M.Sc.PT.; Ph.D.

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